If you think differently from the rest of the world, then you are either a genius or a fool. An extraordinary YouTube video has surfaced online, showing a Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets flying like a human bird in the sky with self-made mechanical wings.

We have seen people flying with Nitro-filled Jetpacks before. But flying like a free bird with wings is totally weird. The task achiever – Jarno Smeets - is a mechanical engineer. He took inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s concept of flying wings and was working for the past 8 months on the concept. And finally last weekend he succeeded in his attempt. There are also 13 other videos on the same YouTube channel showing design concept and failed attempts (and even crashes).

Jarno Smeets controlled the flapping of mechanical wings with Wii remote, an android smartphone and electric motors. In the video, he starts by running on ground and flapping wings with a slow lift and gliding above the park in the sky. He covered a distance of about 100 meters in the flight and the highest point he reached during the flight course is 20 meters. Wii remote and HTC Wildfire S (the Android smartphone) were used to control the wings.

“At one moment you see the ground moving away, and then suddenly you’re free. A really intense feeling of freedom! The true feeling of flying! A magical moment! The best feeling I have felt in my life.” said Jarno Smeets, after landing on the ground.

Many people doubt the reliability of this video and say it is a “fake”. However, the video has been investigated by American and European media and the video could not be proved as fake. Jaime Hynman – the Mythbuster – is also vouching that the video is true.

What do you think? Is this video a trick or real? Check it out below.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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