Does the phrase “third time’s the charm” apply to a series as strange and unappealing as “The Human Centipede?” Audiences are about to find out the hard way with the arrival of director and evil visionary Tom Six’s latest film, “Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence).” The sequel is coming to theaters and VOD sooner than you think.

Six promised fans (or morbid onlookers) in Entertainment Weekly that the next film will be “100 percent politically incorrect.” Should you have forgotten what happened in the first two films, the original nightmare that began in 2010 followed the story of a mad scientist (Dieter Laser) as he trapped and experimented on three unwitting subjects. The trio was surgically linked mouth to buttocks, creating a “Human Centipede.”

In the second film titled “The Human Centipede (Full Sequence),” Six approached it differently, creating a story within a story to unleash a 12 person centipede. Martin (Laurence R. Harvey), is a troubled and obsessed fan of the film “The Human Centipede” when he decides to one-up his favorite movie. Martin captures and crudely attached a myriad of innocent victims in Six’s 2011 attempt at late night movie infamy.

The new film will spin off the premise of the second one, as two fans of the films resort to the idea of creating a “Human Centipede” as a means for punishment. Eric Roberts, brother of Julia and a busy actor of over 375 credits, joins the cast for its final bow in the trilogy, in a new setting, prison. Here’s a plot preview of “Human Centipede Part 3 (Full Sequence)”:

Prison warden Bill Boss (Laser) recruits his partner Dwight (Harvey) in a dastardly plan to win the respect of the unappreciative Governor (Roberts). Using their favorite film, “The Human Centipede,” as an inspiration, the devious pair draws up plans to create a 500-person centipede out of their prison inmates.

“Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence)” will open in select theaters and VOD on May 22.