"Hunt the Truth," 343 Industries’ viral marketing efforts for its upcoming blockbuster game “Halo 5: Guardians,” has asked quite a lot of questions about the Master Chief. And in response, gamers and hardcore fans of the franchise have responded by tuning in week after week.

Fictional investigator Benjamin Giraud has already been contacted by FERO, a very mysterious person whose true identity has yet to be revealed. Speculation has abounded on who this exactly is, fueling the fire of the viral marketing campaign.

Now Microsoft has revealed the stats and numbers after the short run of the campaign. It says the rise of the campaign onto fans' radars has been astounding. It became the second-most talked-about online campaign and ranked the top in gaming podcast on iTunes in just over a month.

The adventure will continue. Microsoft hinted that there will be more episodes, with a two-part season finale scheduled for June 14. The voice actors behind the characters were also revealed, and some fans have already zoomed in on one particular who has been the center of a number of discussions.

FERO, the rebel leader and new contact of Giraud, has been theorized as Dr. Catherine Halsey, the creator of the Spartan-II program and an ex-employee of ONI. Her voice actor had been Jen Taylor. However, in the casting credits, FERO’s voice actress was revealed to be Janian Gavankar of “True Blood.”

Over at the official Waypoint forums, fans have already started discussing this. Forums user MrRuSs3LL stated that the developer would not have used a new voice actress for an old character. Halsey had been the best pick since 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor had teased that Halo fans’ minds would be blown when they learn a new character’s voice actor. The forums user also made a good argument, pointing out that O’Connor referred to lore fans in the Twitter teaser. This suggests that FERO may be a character from the extended universe than the core series.

In the meantime, the latest episode can be accessed here. There are a lot of things happening, all because of the leak of information on the Master Chief. And Giraud appears to have opened some sort of door that allowed for people from all angles to bring forth their own stories. The biggest story involving the alleged hero is Master Chief crashing and disrupting and escorting an alien race to safety in the midst of the commotion. The hunt for the truth goes even deeper, and it’s not looking any better for the hero known as Master Chief.

"Halo 5: Guardians" Master Chief ad (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)

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