This fall, “Lego Dimensions” hits shelves and enters competition with “Skylanders” and “Disney Infinity,” two other games that share a similar concept. As the release date draws near, so do more details regarding the game and a new trailer, this time focusing on Doc Brown from the “Back to the Future” films, with original actor Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as the mad doctor.

The trailer is a humorous one, with Doc Brown building one of the portals seen in previous “Lego Dimensions” -- with complete seriousness. After building the portal, the character, dressed in his lab coat and classic Hawaiian shirt, shouts his catchphrase “Great Scott!” and successfully hypes the “Back to the Future” pack for “Lego Dimensions.”

Doc Brown won’t be alone though, as Kotaku has confirmed the appearance of “Back to the Future” protagonist Marty McFly, who joins the crazed doctor for this particular film pack. It is currently not known if actor Michael J. Fox will be returning to voice the role of McFly, though fans are probably pleased enough with the appearance of Llyod in the game.

Characters from various other Warner Brothers properties are represented in the new games, including characters from “Scooby-Doo,” “Lord of the Rings” and even the “Lego Movie.” Characters from DC Comics will also make appearances, so fans can expect to use Batman and Superman before they clash in cinemas next year for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Lego also has something up its sleeve that “Skylanders” and “Disney Infinity” haven’t mastered yet and that is the fact that future “Lego Dimensions” expansion packs will still be compatible with all the figures in the starter pack, as reported by Engadget. This means Frodo and Gandalf figures will be able to co-exist in future content.

The game is set to come out in most platforms like the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U. Players will be able to mix and match their favorite Lego characters in “Lego Dimensions” this fall.

LEGO Dimensions "Great Scott" Back to the Future Trailer (Credit: YouTube/WBGamesUK)