Hyundai has been showcasing dozens of new cars at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show for the past week, but the one new concept vehicle that’s turned many heads is the company’s yellow, quirky, all-electric E4U one-seater, which looks like a Segway mated with a giant egg.

In fact, the “E” in the Hyundai E4U, according to Tech-On, represents “egg, evolution, and ecology.”

A product of Hyundai’s Advanced Design Department, the Hyundai E4U is a 24-volt electric vehicle that can move in any direction, with its maximum speed topping out around 18 miles per hour. The E4U’s propulsion is controlled by foot pedals, which causes the E4U’s front to tilt and move forward thanks to its rotating front sphere and two training wheels on the back. Turning the vehicle is caused by pushing on the pedal closest to the direction you want to turn.

As if this vehicle didn’t stand out enough, the “roof” of the Hyundai E4U actually doubles as a helmet for the single passenger, which also comes with a chinstrap. Does this picture make you want to drive one yet?


Would you buy a Hyundai E4U?