In this week’s episode of “I Am Cait,” Caitlyn Jenner talks about her issues with her voice and her insecurities with her body. She also gets a chance to get together with a group of transgender women for the first time and she hopes to learn how she can be an effective spokesperson for the community.

As seen in a sneak peek for this Sunday’s episode, Caitlyn opens up about her voice issues. She thinks that not having a feminine voice is a big problem for her because even if she looks completely like a woman, her voice can still reveal the truth.

Stepdaughter Kim Kardashian and her friend Malika Haqq visit and give Jenner tips on being more feminine. When Caitlyn tells them about her voice issues, they try to help her out, but both of them caution her against getting surgery done on her vocal chords.

Also in the episode, Caitlyn organizes a girls’ night with a group of trans women. Her friend Jenny Boylan has invited some women from the community whom she thinks can help educate Caitlyn about the plight of other transgenders.

Boylan is an author, a professor and the co-chairperson of an LGBT rights organization. She said she is concerned about Jenner and how she will help the community given that she’s been living a privileged lifestyle and she’s a rookie at being a transgender.

Boylan said meeting ordinary women who have transitioned and have faced various struggles can really help Jenner become an effective spokesperson. A group of trans women arrive and they all share their stories. Some talked about having to do sex work to survive.

Among the girls in the group is actress Candis Cayne. Jenner’s personal assistant Ronda Kamihira said there’s something going on between Cayne and Jenner. She pushes the issue but Jenner insists she’s still not sure about dating.

The women decide to go on a road trip to San Francisco. While there, they plan to visit the Human Rights Center where Jenner can speak to other trans women and educate herself. They all pile into an RV and have fun on the road.

Before reaching San Francisco, they make a pit stop in a cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They stop for the evening and Jenner is thrust into another awkward situation. The girls get into the hot tub in their bathing suits. Jenner begs off and decides to go to bed. She confesses to the camera she still isn’t ready to expose herself in that way.

By the end of the episode, the group reaches San Francisco. They meet a group of trans women at the HRC and they all sit down for an open forum. Jenner is shocked by the stories that she’s hearing and she’s starting to see how other women have had a much more difficult time transitioning. The rest of the visit will be shown when the show returns next week.

“I Am Cait” airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on E!