In this week’s episode of “I Am Cait,” Caitlyn Jenner is finally addressing her voice insecurities head-on. She opens up to her stepdaughter Kim Kardashian and makes her to listen to her feminine voice.

E! Online shared a sneak preview of this Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait.” Jenner is seen telling Kardashian how she used to try speaking in a woman’s voice whenever she would stay in hotels. She explained that she would try calling room service in her best feminine voice so that the staff would reply, “Yes ma’am.” But she failed to get that response.

Kardashian enthusiastically tries to help Caitlyn by pretending to be hotel staff. She tells Caitlyn to pretend like they’re speaking on a phone. Caitlyn hesitates for a bit before replying in what she thinks is her feminine voice. Kardashian tries to guide her and tells her to order bacon and eggs, toast and some orange juice. Family friend Malika Haqq is also present and can be seen laughing.

The entire group bursts out laughing when Caitlyn attempts to speak but ends up sounding exactly like before. Kim jokingly starts calling her “sir” to show her that the experiment has failed.

“Women can not relate to the whole voice thing. They don’t see it as being that important,” Jenner says to the camera. Earlier this month, she also spoke out about her voice insecurities. Shortly after making her first public appearance and speaking in front of thousands of people at the 2015 ESPY Awards, she blogged  about the problem.

“I still have a voice issue. It’s not quite right compared to my feminine appearance. That bothers me a little bit,” she wrote. “However, I hope that people don’t listen to the pitch of my voice, but listen to what I have to say.”

Jenner’s journey as she finds her place in the world as a transgender woman will continue in part 2 of the mini-docu series “I Am Cait.” The show will air Sunday at 8 pm EDT on E!.