Have you ever wanted to see your favorite celebrities attempt the impossible? Well, that’s exactly what you'll when the new NBC series “I Can Do That” premieres on Tuesday, May 26.

The unconventional, six-episode show, created by the producers of “The Voice” and hosted by Marlon Wayans, will follow six celebrities -- singers Joe Jonas, Ciara and Nicole Scherzinger, “Dancing With the Stars” alum Cheryl Burke, comedian Jeff Dye and actor Alan Ritchson -- as they attempt electrifying stunts like acrobatics and magic tricks. At the end of the sixth week, one of them will be crowned “the ultimate entertainer.”

So, which contestant will earn the title of top performer? Ciara, 29, dished to International Business Times who she thinks has the skills to come out on top.

“I think everyone is honestly the ultimate performer; everyone is an ultimate performer on this show,” the “1, 2 Step” singer said, adding that fans will get to watch the red carpet competitors peel back the many layers of their talents on “I Can Do That.”

“I think that is the beauty of a show like this,” she said. “For example, with Jeff, he’s a comedian, but you get to see the range that he can go as an entertainer.”

Not only will viewers witness the celebs' array of talents, they’ll also see just how far the stars will be willing to go to earn the coveted title. And according to Jonas, at times, the celeb participants will go just a little too far.

“There [were some stunts] that were actually like dangerous and scary,” the 25-year-old former Jonas Brothers singer said in a press call. “Some that were kind of like, ‘OK, if I do something wrong this could be embarrassing.’ But that was part of the fun of the show, just being thrown into it and doing it.”

Some of those stunts will defy gravity -- literally. “I’ve worked on some aerial stuff that was kind of [mind-]blowing and painful,” the singer said, adding that the aerial trick was one of his favorite acts to perform.

The singer divulged that he may apply the jaw-dropping routines he has learned on “I Can Do That” into his “live concerts or award shows.”

“Magic stuff that I learned on the show I think visually would be really exciting to put into a performance,” he said.

Ciara added that she could see herself incorporating all the wild things she’s learned on the NBC series into her shows. “I definitely can say that I was very inspired,” she said.

The songstress, who recently put out a remix of her song “I Bet” featuring Jonas, said she was thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the NBC series because it will allow audiences to view her in a different light. “Shows like this allow people to get to see you like, honestly, at some of the rawest moments and realistic moments that you could have,” she said, adding that fans can also expect “a lot of funny moments.”

Viewers can check out some of those sidesplitting scenes in the trailer below.

“I Can Do That” will premiere on Tuesday, May 26, at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.