Jennifer McKendrick, a photographer from Indiana County, Pa., is refusing to take pictures of a group of high school girls after finding evidence of them cyberbullying classmates on Facebook.

Earlier this week, the photographer came across a page on Facebook that was created for the purpose of bullying and ridiculing other teens. Although it was created under a false name, a close look revealed the names of some teenage girls who had scheduled sessions with Mckendrick for their senior pictures.

I couldn't forget about it. I mean how I could spend two hours with someone during our session, trying to take beautiful photos of them, knowing they could do such UGLY things. Realistically, I know by canceling their shoots it's not going to make them 'nicer people' but I refuse to let people like that represent my business, Jennifer stated in her blog post.

She immediately sent out four e-mails to those clients explaining to them why she had canceled their shoots. Copies of the mails were sent to their parents to inform them of the situation.

So far, I have received two e-mails back from their parents that claimed they were shocked that this had happened. They apologized that their child acted in such a way and that they would deal with the matter, the photographer mentioned in her post.

Since then, her Facebook page has been filled with comments of praise and support by thousands of people.