Newlyweds Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed just couldn’t be any sweeter with one another. The couple has never been shy about showing the world how much they love each other -- and Somerhalder recently proven how sweet he could be as he posted loving birthday messages for his wife.

When Reed turned 27 on Sunday, the "Twilight" actress received several gush-worthy messages from her handsome husband, E! News reported. The star of "The Vampire Diaries" took to Twitter to post his birthday greetings -- including a declaration of how much he loves his wife. Somerhalder was also gushing about how Reed is the most incredible woman he has ever known and how the world is a better place with her in it.

The birthday greetings did not stop there: Somerhalder also posted a sentimental photo on his Instagram account Monday, Us Weekly reported.  The black-and-white photo shows Reed closing her eyes to make a wish while Somerhalder holds a birthday cupcake. Somerhalder captioned the photo, “Happy Birthday my love. Me and the world celebrate you and hope all of your dreams come true. I'm in awe of your compassion to create positive change in the world.”

Reed celebrated her birthday with a simple barbeque party spent with family. The actress shared with E! News -- while celebrating Maybelline New York's 100th anniversary last week -- how her family members might be flying in to attend the birthday bash. She added, "You know, I don't get to spend as much time with my family as I'd like, so I try to make it such a priority. Any form of a celebration, whether it's a birthday or holiday or whatever it is, we try to all get together."

Reed and Somerhalder were married last month in California. The couple continues to display their love and affection for one another. In an article posted by People last week, Somerhalder described married life as amazing and great, further saying "It's the best time I've ever had," while showing off his wedding ring.

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