“Ice Road Truckers: Dangerous Roads” follows the world’s most skilled and gutsiest truckers as they traverse the most treacherous roads and routes on the globe. Unfortunately, one of the truckers featured on the show has turned out to be pretty dangerous himself. Tim Zickuhr, a star of Season 2, has been found guilty of kidnapping a Las Vegas prostitute. He could serve up to 15 years in prison.

TMZ reported that Zickuhr had been arrested in April 2014 after kidnapping a prostitute and calling a man in an attempt to extort money – a man who ended up being a Las Vegas police officer. Zickuhr had tied up the prostitute – named Snow White – in a closet with backpack straps. He claimed she took more money than he owed after he gave her his ATM card to take out cash for payment. The trucker had hoped to get the money back from a friend of the prostitute, but she gave him the number of a police contact instead, leading to Zickuhr’s arrest.

On Tuesday, Zickuhr pleaded guilty to two felony charges of first-degree kidnapping and extortionate collection of debt, according to Page Six. He was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison.

In Season 2 of “IRT: Deadliest Roads,” Zickuhr drove in Bolivia and Peru, carrying cargo across the Yungas Road and the Andes. His trucking partner during the season was fellow newcomer Augustin “Tino” Rodriguez. Zickuhr appeared in 13 episodes, but has not been on the show since 2011. His History channel biography describes him as “loudmouthed” and “brimming with personality.”

Watch the History channel video intro for Zickuhr below: