Vacation seems to be Ice-T and Coco Austin’s remedy of choice for months of tabloid gossip. The couple, who have been plagued by endless rumors about their marriage after photos of Coco snuggling up to West Coast rapper AP.9 were leaked earlier this year, put the limelight behind them with a trip to Turks & Caicos.

The couple, whose E! show “Ice Loves Coco” is currently on hiatus, appeared eager for some downtime together. “Ice & I just arrived in Turks & Caicos..its seriously paradise down here..were out here for a week's vacation ...beach time!” Coco tweeted on Monday. She later posted an ultra-revealing photo of herself tanning face down, adding, “Can't beat the tanning in Turks & Caicos sun.”

The reality TV couple became the source of controversy back in December when AP.9 released some photos of himself posing with the pinup star, some of which included his hands on her curves. The photos might have passed without much notice -- Coco has certainly released far-more-risqué images on her own Twitter -- if Ice-T hadn’t personally called her out, writing in a Twitter rant that he felt disrespected by his wife.

"Most of [the pics are] disrespectful and in bad taste," Ice-T tweeted. "She's made me look and feel like s--t."'

The scandal escalated weeks later when a friend of AP.9 named Moose Diesel shared similarly flirtatious photos and then nearly exploded when AP.9 himself claimed in an interview that he had had an affair with Coco.

In March, gossip website 24hourhiphop claimed that Ice-T filed for divorce after AP.9 allegedly mailed him nude photos of Coco. The story went on to claim that Ice-T demanded in court that Coco reimburse him for plastic surgeries he had paid for. “I can’t unbreak my heart, but I can take that a-- back though,” Ice-T said, according to the story. “I’ma let her start March off with nobody and no body.”

Coco briefly addressed the rumors that she and Ice-T were headed for divorce in a recent interview with the Celebrity Café. “The Internet is complete rubbish,” Coco said of the ongoing gossip. “We never like to read anything off the Internet. We hear rumors, but we don’t feed into it.

“Our relationship is very strong,” Coco added. “We have been together for 12 years and will continue to be for many years. Simple as that.”

Coco admitted that the show was currently on a break, however, although she blamed it on conflicting obligations, not fallout with the network from the scandal as has been speculated. “We just finished season three. Ice has finished 'Law & Order' and I’m doing 'Peepshow,' so we are going to figure it from there,” Coco added, referring to the Las Vegas, Nev., burlesque show she currently stars in. “It’s a lot of work doing three shows at once. You never really know.”