Apple has signed a licensing deal with Universal Music Group, which will enable Apple's online music store to offer songs from all four of the major record companies and incorporate them into Apple's iCloud music plans.

CNET reported citing sources with knowledge of the talks that Apple has additionally reached agreements with some of the largest music publishers, in addition to all the major labels.

According to the sources, the revenue from iCloud song sales will be split to 50% for the labels, 12% for publishers, and 30% for Apple.

Apple's iCloud is believed to deliver a streaming media repository for users' commercial digital content, and users are expected to be able to upload and publish contents automatically and directly from iOS mobile devices.

iCloud will initially be offered for a free period to iTunes customers, allowing users to upload music, but eventually the service will incur a subscription fee of around $25 per year. Apple envisions the service to be used not only for music, but movies, TV shows and other digital content on iTunes.