Did John F. Kennedy have an inkling of what was in store for him in the immediate aftermath of the Cuban missile crisis in which he trumped the Russians?

According to a little-known strand from biographical writings on him revealed recently, JFK knew that his assassination at that particular juncture in time would define his legacy like no other.

If anyone’s going to kill me, it should happen now, JFK reportedly told his wife Jackie after he came out victorious in the Cuban missile crisis, according to historian Robert Dallek.

Dallek, a Kennedy expert, says Jacqueline Kennedy told this to historian Arthur M Schlesinger Jr in 1964, according to Britain's Daily Mail.
Jackie's conversations with Schlesinger shows that JFK was inspired by a historian's remark that Abraham Lincoln's legacy wouldn’t have been as imposing as it turned out, had it not been for his assassination after the civil war.

The historian, David Herbert Donald, told Kennedy at a lecture that Lincoln's legacy would probably have suffered if he were to contend with crises after the civil war.

According to Dallek, Kennedy kept this in mind when he suggested to Jackie that if he were to be assassinated by someone, the post-Cuban crisis moment was the fitting one.