An Indiana grandmother knew it was no game when three men forced their way into her home on Sunday.  

Melinda Walker was at her Fort Wayne townhouse with her 5-year-old grandson when three intruders entered the home. The front door had been unlocked because Walker had been expecting a visit from one of her sons that morning, reports WANE.

Her children's father was downstairs when he heard the door open and then close. That is when he was greeted by three young men in hoodies -- the strings were drawn tight so their faces could barely be seen. 

She said they said they had a gun, but one appeared to actually be holding the handle of a hammer. 

"All I thought of was you're getting away from my grandson," she said to the station. 

"I looked them up and down. I didn't see a gun. The whole time one of the kids kept saying, 'She doesn't think we have a gun. She doesn't think we have a gun. Take it out and clean it on her.'"

Walker, who has experienced two robberies before, said she was simply tired of her home being targeted. 

"[A Guitar Hero video game controller] was laying on the floor. And I just reached down and picked it up and I told them to get the hell out of my house. 'Get out of my house. Get out of my house!' I just kept smacking one of them."

She then pushed "the one that wouldn't shut up down the stairs" before "[her grandchildren's] Dad stuck his foot out and pushed the other one into him and they both went down the stairs and then they went out." 

Walker says the intruders -- who appeared to be around 15 to 21 years old -- left the home empty handed. 

And after losing a flat-screen TV in a past robber, Walker said she was determined to protect her belongings no matter what. 

"I may not be a strong woman. I may not be a well woman, but you're not going to get my stuff."