Indiana Jones is back on the big screen.

The teaser trailer for the eagerly awaited fourth film in the adventure series featuring the globe-trotting archeologist made its debut on Thursday.

The new film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, is scheduled for release this May. It is the first movie since the last installment released back in 1989.

The teaser first aired on television this morning, however, on ABC's Good Morning America followed by a release of the trailer on the film's web site.

The principal players which made the first three films a box office success are back for the latest version. Harrison Ford returns as Jones. Steven Spielberg is directing. Producer George Lucas, also of Star Wars fame, is making the film through his Lucasfilm company.

The new Indy film topped the list of most anticipated films in a survey conducted last October by The next most anticipated film was this summer's Batman sequel The Dark Knight.

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