It seems like the success of “Indivisible” is set to continue, as the fan-funded video game has reached another stretch goal, while making a total of $1,902,575. The game was already fully funded back in Dec. 4 and if the game continues to make more money, more features will be added before the game is officially released.

According to the game’s official Indiegogo, if “Indivisible” reaches $2,050,000 features like full voice-overs. If this goal isn’t reached, the game’s budget will only allow voice-overs for major points in the game’s story and during battle, like an old-school roleplaying game (RPG).

Should the game reach $2,300,000 the game will have multiple endings and a “hardcore” bonus dungeon. This will add more replayability to the game and should add a layer of challenge to the action RPG, which should please hardcore gamers who want more from the game.

Destructoid revealed more details about the alternate endings, stating that it could change depending on when the final boss is beaten and who is in the player’s party. There will also be a new game plus with the stretch goal, which will allow players to replay the events of the game and try to get a different ending.

Interestingly enough, the number of alternate endings in the game hasn’t been revealed. Should “Indivisible” reach these next few stretch goals, seeing players try to get all the endings should be a fascinating experience. This makes the game similar to “Chrono Trigger,” which many fans consider to be one of the best Japanese RPGs ever made, thanks to plenty of replayability and a good story.

“Indivisible” has also been compared to “Valkyrie Profile,” thanks to the game’s interesting mix of action and roleplaying. The game’s developer Lab Zero has confirmed that the homage was intentional, so hopefully the game is just as good as what inspired it.

No official release date has been given yet, so fans are going to wait for quite a bit to play “Indiviisble.” In the meantime, players can try out a prototype of the title for free on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.