Bringing in his expertise in concept designing to speedboats Marc Newson has reinterpreted the Riva speedboats to create Aquariva by Marc Newson. To be launched this month, the Aquariva is a limited edition with only 22 units to be sold though Gagosian Gallery. Newson worked with Riva's design team Officina Italiana Design to work his first nautical project. Giving the classic Aquariva, a modern twist Newson worked with unique materials like the wood -like textile based laminate to do up the boat's deck area and instrument panel. This gives the boat a very organic feel, yet strength.

To give the exterior a more high tech look, Newson worked with anodized aluminum, a material not generally associated with boats. This lightweight material was used instead of stainless steel and chrome brass. While not touching the basic design of the Riva boats, Newson added his touch by changing the shape of the transom at the stern, putting one-piece windshield, and anodized aluminum handrails. He also created the differentiation by putting in the split cabin door entry, improving the functionality of the lounge and dining area, and the re-introduction of separate driver and passenger seats. In terms of driving ease the limited edition Aquariva will feature updated electronic transmission, and a bow thruster.

Appointed a Royal Designer for Industry in the United Kingdom, Newson has created furniture, interiors, timepieces, objects of all sorts, and sculptural work, as well as major projects in the transportation industry, particularly aviation and aerospace. With Aquariva Newson is looking to create a timeless classic that every boat lover will want to own.