J.J. Abrams, the acclaimed director of the rebooted “Star Trek” films and the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is working on a video game called “Spyjinx.” The game will supposedly be a mix of action and strategy, presumably with spies if the title means anything.

No big details about the game have been released, though Eurogamer has confirmed that Abrams will be working with developer Chair. While the company’s name doesn’t sound too impressive, the team did work on a number of acclaimed games like the “Infinity Blade” series for mobile devices and “Shadow Complex” for Xbox Live.

As the title hints, it will be set in a world of spy thrills and espionage action. Along with the aforementioned mix of action and strategy there will also be character building, which will supposedly be similar to a roleplaying game (RPG).

It’s still unclear what role Abrams will have in the making of “Spyjinx,” though his production company Bad Robot has wanted to work on video games for quite some time. Polygon also notes that Abrams and his children are big fans of Chair, thanks to the company’s addictive “Infinity Blade” series.

The game will also be powered by the popular Unreal 4 Engine, which means interactive environments and possibly decent graphics. Considering how vague details are about the game, it will be interesting to see how the Unreal 4 Engine affects the gameplay of this title, if at all.

While no details have been given, fans can sign up for a beta test of the game, which will start sometime on 2016. Details about the beta are mostly unknown, but it will give players a taste of the game, which has plenty of talented people working on it.

Along with the lack of details, there was no mention of a release date for “Spyjinx.” The game will be coming to the Windows PC, tablets and smart phones, which is interesting. Whether the game will be free-to-play or a premium app hasn’t been revealed yet.

Though Abrams wasn’t involved in it, there was a “Star Trek” video game based on the films he directed. They were received poorly, so it seems like Abrams and Bad Robot would like to remedy that with “Spyjinx.”

J.J. Abrams and Infinity Blade Dev Announce Spyjinx - IGN News (Credit: YouTube/IGN News)