The U.S. has long been viewed as the “land of opportunity,” where those who work hard get ahead. But the ever-widening wealth gap is putting the American dream out of reach for many. The gulf between the top 1 percent earners and the rest of the country grew to its widest level in history last year.

Thanks to, here are four charts from Catherine Mulbrandon's book "An Illustrated Guide To Income In The United States" that lets you see the extreme income inequality in the U.S. using several different graphic approaches.

IncomeGuide_2013_Jan17_RGB_page 31_31.png

IncomeGuide_2013_Jan17_RGB_page 32_32.png


IncomeGuide_2013_Jan17_RGB_page 50_50.png
IncomeGuide_2013_Jan17_RGB_page 53_53.png