There is no room for mistakes in Season 6 of Spike’s “Ink Master.” Contestant Miami learned that the hard way in episode 3 when he was sent packing after failing to complete the “stained glass” tattoo challenge – but who is next? Fifteen contestants remain, and the $100,000 grand prize is on the line.

Episode 4 kicks off with a flash challenge at the Brooklyn Museum. Avan Jogia, the star of Spike’s new miniseries, “Tut,” is the guest judge for the flash challenge. The contestants must work in teams of three to adorn a sarcophagus in four hours. Teams of two are usually bad, and things quickly become heated as the contestants struggle to assign jobs and incorporate different styles.

Meanwhile with Miami gone, Craig wants payback. His game plan is to take away everyone else’s partner -- and he wants to start with Big Ceeze. But the only way for Craig to take control is to gain the power to assign the human canvases during the elimination tattoo. In order to do that, his team must win the flash challenge.

Unfortunately, most of the tattoo artists fail to hit the mark on the sarcophagus. Some designs are too modern, while others are too sloppy. Earl, Katie and Tyler fail to work well as a team. Kito, MV and Kruseman’s piece looks more Mexican than Egyptian, according to judge Chris Nunez. Big Ceeze, Craig and Marisa don’t incorporate enough details throughout the whole piece.

Ink Master Kruseman Kito Kito (left) and Kruseman (right) had one of the worst designs for the flash challenge in episode 4 of "Ink Master." Photo: Spike

In the end it comes down to Matt, Chris and Dave vs. Duffy, Erik and St. Marq. Matt, Chris and Dave’s piece was good, but the lack of eyebrows really bothers the judges. Duffy, Erik and St. Marq’s design was simple, but it was the cleanest. In the end they’re named winners of the challenge and given the opportunity to assign the elimination challenge canvases.

This week the elimination tattoo is testing the artists on their attention to detail. Each human canvas wants an ancient Egyptian image -- and the twist is that the artists must tattoo head-to-head against two other artists. Three artists must tattoo the same subject and only one will come out the winner.

Six hours is on the clock and the artists already feel the pressure. Marisa thinks her mentor, Erik, will hook her up since he was one of the one assigning canvases. However, she is upset to learn that he matched her up against Chris, who has basically been tattooing as long as she’s been alive. The stress leads her to break down and shed some tears. Fortunately, she has Tyler on her side for support. But Chris doesn’t feel bad in the least bit.

Meanwhile, poor Kito’s canvas wants him to start over on the design, costing him an hour with ink. MV’s canvas won’t change his mind on the placement of the design on his ribs, and Kruseman can’t fit the detail of his image into the small space his canvas wants. St. Marq, on the other hand, thinks he has the whole competition in the bag. “I am St. F---ing Marq,” he tells the cameras. “I am a tattoo God.” In the end only five artists came out on top.

  • Big Ceeze vs. Kito vs. St. Marq = Big Ceeze
  • Erik vs. Katie vs. Earl = Erik
  • Duffy vs. Dave vs. Tyler = Tyler
  • Kruseman vs. Matt vs. Craig = Matt
  • Marisa vs. MV vs. Chris = Chris

For the judges, the weakest tattoos are MV’s Sphinx, Marisa’s Sphinx and Kito’s background of his death mask. The human canvases nominate Marisa’s piece as worst because it’s not proportionate and lacks detail.

Marisa argues that this is only her first time in the bottom while this is Kito’s third time standing before the judges. However, it’s MV’s bizarre-looking Sphinx that ultimately sends the tattoo artist home.

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