Sleep experts reveal Australian teenagers are suffering from insomnia because of their addiction to text-messaging, iPods listening or checking up their social networking sites.

Close to three quarters of Australian teenagers are not getting sufficient amount of sleep and experts warn that untreated insomnia could cause psychological problem

Amanda Gamble, clinical psychologist from the Woolcock Institute said there is now that expectation young people will be reachable 24/7 - that's quite confronting to shut off.

A young insomniac, Amber Ridden, 14 has been suffering sleepless night for years after staying up late on Facebook or on her mobile phone.

She said, If you see how many people there are online, there's like every single one of your mates of Facebook at the time.

She added that it's like no one's asleep right now.

Dr Gamble stressed that teenagers suffering from sleep issues must get help.

Anxiety disorders, substance abuse and depression are likely to follow in young people with a condition of untreated insomnia, she said.

Currently there is a program at the Woolcock Institute developed to assist teenagers to curing insomnia.

The program involves teaching teenagers positive thinking methods and relaxation. They are also offered tips such as reading prior bed time and getting up at the same time every morning, to establish a routine.

There are especially discouraged from using any electronic devices in their bedroom.

Woolcock Institute welcomes young people with insomnia to give the program a chance to help them to get back the hours of healthy sleep.