Intel Omnicom Media Group announced a partnership on Monday to bring Internet-Delivered Ads to TVs.

The partnership will develop advertising templates for interactive ads shown on TVs connected to Viiv PCs. The templates will be formatted to take advantage of the 10 foot TV environment, rather than smaller computer monitors.

Unlike traditional television ads, the new ads will be interactive and function more like web pages or Flash applets than like traditional static advertising. The system will also allow the advertising to be more narrowly targeted at consumers by only displaying ads that are relevant to the type of material currently being watched.

The '10 foot' interactive viewing environment is largely unexplored space, but it's a huge opportunity in terms of advertising effectiveness and consumer engagement, which are top priorities for all our clients, said Daryl Simm, CEO, Omnicom Media Group. We couldn't be happier about launching this effort with a company of Intel's capabilities and reputation.