A hillside in China's breathtaking Jiangxi Providence is currently littered with the colorful tents of several thousand temporary residents. 
The more than 15,000 campers have gathered on the hillside close to Mount Wugongshan in China for the yearly festival, reports Xinhua News Agency. The hillside is in the eastern part of the country. 
RTX13O48 Several thousand participants hiked up the hills to set up their temporary homes. It has attracted people from across the world. Photo: Reuters
According to The Daily Mail, all four seasons are able to be viewed from the magnificent vantage point provided on the rolling hills of the province. From the autumn leaves to the spring flowers, it is lauded as one of the most beautiful sights by visitors to China. The event kicked off on Sept. 14, attracting participants from several parts of the world. 
RTX13O46 The view at night is equally as spectacular as lights from the campers' tents tear through the darkness. Photo: Reuters
And compared to the sometimes muddy mess found at other camping festivals -- like the Summer Set Music and Camping Festival -- the scene at the Jiangxi Providence appears to be a pretty magical experience.