The international education industry expressed its worries on the slow demand of international students coming in to the country and is seeking a discussion with Senior Labor minister Simon Crean.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has recently appointed Mr. Crean to take on the role for Education, Workplace Relations and Social Inclusions, which he would reprise the role during the Keating administration between 1993 and 1996.

The international education sector will rely on Mr. Crean's experience to convince the government that it needs to take action regarding the downturn in student numbers, which is already affecting the English language and vocational sectors.

More than 15 per cent of university sector revenue comes from international students.

The International Education Association of Australia disclosed today it would seek discussions with the minister to launch a campaign directed at parents, students overseas governments and educational agents regarding the crisis.

The government has recently put a halt on the “Visa factories” controversy wherein foreign students are seeking permanent residence. The sector stated the changes were too fast and affected the legitimate students.

The levers have been applied almost blindly and too quickly, IEAA chief executive Dennis Murray said.

Chairman Peter Coaldrake of the Universities Australia said the sector is looking forward to work with Mr. Crean.