Nokia is leaving no stone unturned in the battle of the smartphones and has already started investing in future ventures where smartphones will be physically more flexible. The company warded off all possible talks of rumors regarding the device and came forward with a demo device at the Nokia World Show.

The demo hardware is, currently, known as the Nokia Kinetic Device. The prototype of the device showed an AMOLED screen and its flexibility can be used to control numerous aspects of the interface like music and photos.

The new device, when it hits the market in the future, is expected to be sturdy and, according to a company representative, the device can also run under water while cleaning it. The phone can be operated simply by twisting and bending the phone in pre-ordered patterns.

There is little further information about the device. The company representative, however, did say that it is expected hopefully soon. According to a Geek report, the prototype has very limited capabilities.