A man was briefly apprehended for trespassing onto Rihanna's beachfront holiday property in Barbados, but it was quickly determined the incident was a misunderstanding.

TMZ reports a German swam onto the beach of Rihanna's Barbados villa that she rented for the holidays on Dec. 23, unaware that is was private property.

Photos were taken of the man lounging on the beach and chatting with other beachgoers, but he reportedly also go very close to Rihanna.

According to The Sun British tabloid, the German made it all the way to the balcony of the villa before the singer's security team intercepted him. Rihanna was relaxing poolside as the man wandered around her property.

The man was taken down to a local police station and questioned before being released. Barbados police told TMZ that he did not intend any harm.

"The guy got to within about 10 to 12 feet of where Rihanna was sitting before he was apprehended by security," a witness told The Sun. "He looked fairly harmless, but it was a little too close for comfort.”

Rihanna has been quite public about her vacation, having had several photos taken of her bikini-clad, about the villa, as well as the singer posting her own photos on Instagram.

One photo posted on Dec. 23 is suspected to have been taken as the intruder was on Rihanna's property.