A police shootout in the Inwood section of Manhattan left two men injured on Tuesday night. None of the police officers involved were injured.

The police officers are part of the Drug Enforcement task force, which consists of police officers from the New York Police Department and Drug Enforcement Agency. They pulled over a black Honda Accord on Cooper St. around 10 p.m. One of the four suspects inside the stopped vehicle allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officers, forcing the officers to draw their weapons and fire, according to the Daily News.

Two of the suspects were hit during the shootout. One was hit in the right shoulder and another one was hit in his groin. They were transported to Harlem Hospital. Doctors expect them to make a recovery. The other two suspects were arrested and four weapons were allegedly recovered at the scene, according to DNAinfo.com.

A Youtube user, ArtForStrangers, recorded a nine minute video of the aftermath.

The video shows NYPD's EMS arriving on the scene and point to where the shooting took place. After the incedent, residents began tweeting about the incident, including pictures of the crime scene.

While the rest of you occupy wall street, the boys in blue baked their bullets in the bodies of mine, tweeted user SoundofArt.

A press release by the NYPD that said shooting incidents have gone down to its lowest level since 1971. In 2010, police shot and killed eight individuals compared to 93 in 1971. An additional 16 others were wounded last year compared 1971 statistics when 221 were wounded.

It is a tribute to the police officers' training and restraint, as well as a reflection of a safer city that fatalities have plummeted despite an increase in police numbers and in the capacity of their firearms, Commissioner Kelly said in a statement.