If you're getting error messages while trying to upgrade to iOS 5 on your iPad or iPhone, read on.

Users the world over have been complaining that their iOS 5 upgrades keep stalling partway through the update process. The most frequent message is the ominous-looking Error 3200. Apple's service reps report that there is nothing a user can do to change the error code, which is the result of an internal error that cancels the upgrade process.

The reason for all these release-day errors? The mass amounts of people trying to access Apple's servers simultaneously. When an iPad or iPhone tries to contact an Apple server for authorization, it runs into all the other signals. Along with internal error message, some iOS 5 users have had trouble reorganizing their applications, loading backup, and registering for iCloud.

In some cases, users have reported that the Error 3200 has disappeared the second time they try to load the upgrade. For most of us, however, the best tactic is to wait a few hours. In 2010, Apple's iOS 4.0.1 release saw a lot of people unable to install the upgrade on top of their initial version of iOS 4. Try again later tonight, when Apple isn't quite so swamped.

If you're itching to get the Apple iOS 5 upgrade, and want to try your luck, you can also try downloading the firmware directly, rather than clicking Update in iTunes.

Below, a handy guide from Digital Trends:

1. Click one of these links for your upgrade:

iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4 (CDMA)
iPhone 4 (GSM)
iPad 2 (CDMA)
iPad 2 (GSM)
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)
iPod touch (third generation)
iPod touch (fourth Generation)

2. Download the software to some place you'll remember.

3. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac)

4. Click Restore in iTunes, and point it to your newly download software.

NOTE: This method is restoring your iPhone or iPad to factory setting. It will delete all your apps, music, contacts, etc., so be sure your device is backed up before proceeding.

The upside? Direct download may get through easier than the indirect routes others are using.

The downside? You still may get stuck in release-day limbo. We recommend crossing your fingers.

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