Now, the untethered jailbreak for Apple's A4 devices running on iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1 is officially out, and people who have been waiting for a long time for this day to come can download the program in their iDevices.

Corona 5.0.1 Untethered was released by the Chronic Dev-team on Tuesday on its French member Pod2g's blog.

Corona 5.0.1 Untethered will allow users of iPhone 4, iPhone 4 (CDMA), iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod Touch 4G and iPod 3G to jailbreak their device and enjoy new and exciting application available on Cydia.

Corona is the first ever untethered jailbreak which will run on only jailbroken devices. As Corona is packaged in the Cydia store, an iDevise user has to have the tethered jaibroken device to access Cydia store and download Corona.

To make things easy for jailbreak fans, Pod2g's iPhone Dev-team counterpart, MuscleNerd, has released an update of semi-tethered jailbreak - Redsn0w.

Pod2g and MuscleNerd, who were the most active hackers in last two months, suddenly announced the release of Corona and Redsn0w 9.10b1.

People, who have already jailbroken their devices, can open the Cydia Application on their tethered jailbroken device and then search for Corona. After finding the Corona jailbreak, they can just hit the install button and follow the instructions to move further.

The Redsnow 9.10b1 jailbreak is a tethered one, and you need a Windows or Mac computer running Redsn0w every time you reboot your iOS device. However, once your install Corona, you will be able to reboot the device without connecting to the system.

Though, there were many reports comparing Pod2g and MuscleNerd as they are from different Dev-teams, both the jailbreaks found by these two hackers are important to untether an Apple device supported by A4 processor.

Pod2g's Corona will never be able to enter any Apple device until the user runs MuscleNerd's Redsn0w and jailbreak it. This is the first time in the history of jailbreaking when an untethered jailbreak will not work without a tethered jailbreak's support.

Hence, the title of Jailbreaker of the Year will definitely be shared between Pod2g and MuscleNerd.

Here are links to download Redsn0w 9.10b1.

For Mac

For Windows