Apple announced the rollout of iOS 5.1, its latest version of the company’s mobile operating systems. As expected, updates didn’t go as smoothly as Apple would have planned. Many iOS users are being plagued with problems no sooner after they have updated their iOS devices, making us wonder when Apple will release a fix for these problems soon. The bugs are not major, but they are still being a nuisance and require attention as soon as possible

There is a chance you might want to wait awhile before you jump the gun and download iOS 5.1 to your device, you might not like what you get. Every user is not facing problems, but you never know, you could be one of the unlucky few.

Here are 5 problems you should consider before updating your device to the newest version of iOS.

Battery life issues

Some users are facing problems with their batteries being drained quickly, and due to this, phones are overheating. This could be considered serious, but since only a handful of users are complaining, we will not dub it as such.

Orientation problems on the iPhone home screen

This one seems to be popular everywhere we look. Many iPhone 4S users are complaining about the orientation not changing on the home screen of their device. We’re not sure what is causing this, but it can’t be a pleasant sight to see.

Speakers no longer work in some apps

When some applications are being used, there seems to be no sound from the device speakers. However, if a headset is used, the sound problem is solved. But not everyone wishes to constantly have a headset jammed up in his or her ear like the CIA.

Speakers don't work with system sounds

So this problem is not just an application problem, it now seems no sound is coming from the speakers when system sounds are played. Some serious stuff is happening here - imagine the frustration on the faces of iOS 5.1 users at the moment.

No network error

Big trouble in little China. Some iOS 5.1 users are experiencing a “no network error” that seems to be consistent. This could be the biggest problem of all - an iOS device that is unable to access the Internet is like a brick with a touchscreen. Totally useless.

We hope Apple makes due quickly and release a fix to sort these problems out. As we said, they are not major bugs, since not most of the iOS 5.1 population is experiencing the problems, but that doesn’t mean Apple should rest easy.

(reported by Vamien McKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)