iOS 9, which launched on Wednesday, has not been smooth sailing for early adopters. Apple users took to Twitter soon after the 1 p.m. EDT launch to complain that they were unable to get the download started in the first place.







Apple has yet to make a public statement about the update failures, but one likely explanation is that servers are struggling with demand as fans rush to install the software as soon as possible.

But even users who are able to install the update are having problems. On the MacRumors forums, users are complaining of Wi-Fi drops, hidden Airplane mode toggles in the Settings app, and weird search visual bugs. Users are reporting bugs that had been flagged up during the betas are still present in the final release.

Apple has already started testing iOS 9.1, which will hopefully alleviate some of the major issues in the initial release. For those who have yet to upgrade, it is advisable to always back up your device by either syncing with iCloud in the device's general settings, or plugging your device into your computer and syncing with iTunes.