Iowa Republican Party Chairman Matt Strawn announced he would resign in two weeks as the state's bungled caucus results continues to confuse voters about who really won.

Strawn has been the state's GOP chairman for over three years, but some believed he handled the first-in-the-nation voting caucuses poorly. Others accused him for being biased in supporting Mitt Romney.

The time has come to give those other priorities in my life the attention they deserve, Strawn said in a resignation video. He did not mention the Iowa caucus fiasco in the video (below). 

When results first poured in on Jan. 3, it appeared Mitt Romney had beat Republican rival Rick Santorum by a meager 8 votes. But three weeks later, recounted results showed that Santorum won by 34 votes. The Republican Party of Iowa told The Des Moines Register last week that results from eight precincts were missing or never recovered.

Craig Robinson, former political director for the Iowa GOP, alleged that Strawn's talking points seem to echo that of the Romney campaign in the Iowa Republican.

If the only thing that Strawn was guilty of was a difficulty in communicating the result of the certified vote, it would be one thing, but Strawn went out of his way to undermine the validity of caucuses themselves. Instead of talking about the 1766 precincts that were certified, he talked about the eight that were not. In doing so, Strawn not only undermined the final results of the caucuses, but he also failed to strand behind the hundreds of volunteers and activists that help conduct the caucuses.

Strawn's last day is Feb. 11.