Articles by Sara Dover

Obama 'Offended' By Leak Allegations

As the New York Times continues to defend its coverage of President Barack Obama's terrorist kill list and the White House's cyber strategy against Iran, the president said it was offensive for people to assume or believe one of his aides leaked the top secret information to the press.

How Did Obama Raise $60 Million in May?

President Barack Obama's coming out in support of same-sex marriage and a celebrity fundraiser raffle helped contribute to the huge increase in fundraising to $60 million in May, but most of all it was millions of people contributing small donations. But Mitt Romney managed to raise even more.

California Primary Vote Might Be A Nightmare For Big Tobacco

When California voters head to the polls for their primary on Tuesday, they will also find a proposal to raise taxes on cigarettes -- in a state that's already among the most anti-smoking. But the money the tax might raise won't fix California's troubled finances.

Herman Cain Gets His Own Talk Radio Show

The pizza CEO-turned GOP hopeful-turned pundit will be taking over the time slot of radio talk show host Neal Boortz, who announced he was retiring from his four-decade career Monday morning