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President Barack Obama

Obama 'Offended' By Leak Allegations

As the New York Times continues to defend its coverage of President Barack Obama's terrorist kill list and the White House's cyber strategy against Iran, the president said it was offensive for...
How Did Obama Raise a Whopping $60 Million in May?

How Did Obama Raise $60 Million in May?

President Barack Obama's coming out in support of same-sex marriage and a celebrity fundraiser raffle helped contribute to the huge increase in fundraising to $60 million in May, but most of all it...


Many groups, including Hispanics and workers without a high school diploma, are benefitting from the tight US labor market

Do You Have A Good Job?

A Gallup survey of more than 6,600 U.S. adults indicates only 40% of workers think they have good jobs -- and pay isn't the most important factor.