If you are a fanatic fan of Apple's iPad 2 and you live in United States, be happy.  Here, you can buy the new iPad for the lowest price in the world.

It's only $499 in the United States while it sells for $702 in Denmark, which is almost 30 percent more expensive. In Hong Kong, the new device is even selling for $1,900 (HK $15,000) because it's not officially launched there. (It will launch in April.)

In most European countries, the basic iPad 2 is sold for 479 euros ($678). However, the price of the tablet is moderately priced in Britain at 399 pounds ($642).

Apple sold 300,000 of the first iPad on its launch day in 2010. Investors are looking for a number around 1 million for the iPad 2's launch day, which already made a strong U.S. debut earlier this month. The iPad 2 is selling much faster than the first iPad at this stage.