As the extensive lines that formed in anticipation of the iPad 2 showed, Apple's newest tablet undoubtedly sold well. Unknown so far, however, is just how well Apple's latest device has fared.

Via Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes, the answer may soon become clear. According to the site, shipments of the iPad 2 have already outstripped the first month sales of its predecessor. Citing sources at touch panel suppliers, Digitimes says that Apple shipped at least 2.4 million iPad 2's in March, topping records set by the original iPad, which took twenty-eight days to reach 1 million sales. DigiTimes estimates that Apple will deliver over 4 million of its newest tablet each month, with a total of 12 million during the second quarter of this year. 

Demand for Apple's latest tablet has been high since its launch, with Apple delaying shipping on online orders up to five weeks. The company has since decreased estimates to 2-3 weeks.