Siri voice recognition already has people talking to their iPhones as if the devices were people, but if a newly publicized Apple patent is any indication, iPad 3 users will be gesturing wildly enough to confuse even Siri users.

That's because iPad 3 could debut with 3D gesture recognition technology, tech blog Patently Apple reported. Apple filed a patent application in 2010 that depicts a person gesturing in front of a tablet camera to control images, text and cursors among other things. The gestures could be simple shapes or letters and could even be customized for advanced users. You'll be able to control your iPad with the touchscreen or by gesturing, and if Siri is included in iPad 3, voice as well. Anybody out there still want a physical keyboard for the iPad? Imagine a 3D projected keyboard you could type on. No word yet on any plans for that. iPad 3 is rumored to be coming out in March 2012. Start the slideshow to see the top five features Apple fans are clamoring for.

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