iPad 3 may not launch in February - or at least that's what Macotakara has suggested. The Japanese blog said there's a strange Apple event that will be held in February but it is not iPad 3 related.

And even as the industry analysts and Apple fans are wondering which cryptic event Apple will hold this month, the Loop has clarified that there's no unusual event scheduled by Apple in February.

Macotakara had reported earlier that Apple would unveil the iPad 3 in February and the product would hit the market in March, citing an Asian supplier and a source from the United States.

And, as many people had questioned why there is such a long time gap between event and launch date, Macotakara had explained that Apple's Asian suppliers should take a long holiday during the Lunar New year.

However, on Thursday, the site did a volte-face, saying there's an event in February, but it might be a strange event, rather than a iPad 3 announcement.

I reported that Apple was going to hold Special Event in early February according to Asian supplier and source from united states, but this report told a half-side of truth. Apple will hold 'Strange' event at February instead of Special Event, the report read.

The iPad 3's announcement and launch will both be held in March, according to the latest report.

However, the Loop believes Apple will not hold any event in February, normal or strange. Citing an unnamed source, Loop said, This is not going to happen, according to my sources. Apple will not hold an event in February, unusual or otherwise. That’s it.

If Macotakara is correct, the Apple fans should wait until March for the iPad 3 to show its face.

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