To whet the appetite of Apple fans, who are eagerly waiting for the highly anticipated iPad 3, a purported rear shell of the yet-to-be-released tablet was leaked, suggesting several subtle changes from its predecessor.

RepairLabs got the rear shell from industry insiders in China, and has compared it to the current iPad 2's corresponding part.

According to iLounge, the thickness of the iPad 3 will be increased, but not much, by only 1mm thicker. The thickness has been designed to accommodate the Retina Display and a larger battery.

However, the unnamed source told RepairLabs that there is no sign that the iPad 3 will be thicker than the current iPad 2. If the leaked rear shell is actually for the rear of the next generation iPad, the previous report could be false.

Nonetheless, the LCD screen might be changed a little bit. In fact, one of the most anticipated features of iPad 3 is the Retina Display with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. However, the change does not mean iPad 3 will actually feature Retina Display.

The shape of the rear shell suggests iPad 3's battery might be better. The width of where the logic board sits on the iPad 2 appears much larger than that of the iPad 3, which supports the previous rumor that iPad 3 will boast of a better battery.

Apple fans also expect the camera of the iPad to become better. The report said the camera is different, due to the mounts on the iPad 3 casing. However, the article didn't reveal how different the new camera will be.

Earlier rumors suggest the iPad 3 will boast of a quad-core A6 processor, and 4G LTE capabilities, a Retina Display, much-improved cameras and more, and unveil in March. Only Apple knows the truth but the tech giant isn't speaking.

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