iPad 3
iPad 3 rumours continue, as reports are that there could be a release in the first week of March. Apple

Various rumors about Apple's next generation tablet - dubbed iPad 3 - are swirling around the Internet and the latest one claims that the device will boast of amazing display and a faster processor, though the body size will be the same as its predecessor.

The New York Times reported that the iPad 3 is being testing inside of the company, citing an Apple employee, who never revealed the name, for Apple is not fond of leaks.

The new tablet will be “essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2,” with an improved and 'truly amazing' screen and a faster processor.

However, it isn't clear if the new device will be named iPad 3 or iPad 2S. Actually, before the iPhone 4S was unveiled last Oct., Apple fans had been speculating that iPhone 4's successor with be iPhone 5. However, Apple proved them wrong by unveiling on Oct. 4, iPhone 4S, which featured modest hardware and software changes rather than the radical redesign that many people were expecting.

Earlier on Thursday, All Things D reported that the forthcoming tablet will debut at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco in the first week of March. Last year, on March 2, iPad 2 was released at the same venue.

AllThingD also speculated the new tablet will hit the market within 1-2 weeks after the unveiling event.

According to the recent rumors, the iPad 3 (or iPad 2S) will sport Retina Display, better camera, a powerful quad-core processor, better battery life, 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network and improved Siri.