Thousands of iPhone fans may have been left disappointed on Tuesday when Apple unveiled iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5. However, iPhone 4S isn't such a bad device and if you're planning to upgrade, here's top 5 reasons why you should do it.

1. Siri the Assistant: The virtual assistant lets you use your voice to set reminds, check the weather, search for information, and more. This could mean a lot for those looking to get their life in order through their smartphones. Will this transform the way we handle our day-to-day tasks?

2. Upgraded Camera: The now 8-megapixel quality camera will also have 1080p HD video recording capabilities. Face detection, reduced motion blur, and improved color accuracy are just a couple of the enhancements Apple's made with their new camera. You can even edit right from your phone after shooting.

3. Notification Center: Keep track of all your notifications in this slide-down pane. Now, you will be able to access any incoming or ongoing updates from any screen. The preview lets you go straight to those notifications so you can navigate around more easily.

4. iCloud Storage: Stores all your content and syncs everything wirelessly and automatically with your other devices. You can manage all your apps, music, photos, calendars, and contacts from any of your Apple devices.

5. A5 Chip: This new processor will deliver much faster performance on the phone. Graphics will also be up to seven times faster. Whether it's gaming or checking your email, the iPhone 4S promises to deliver more power for you to do way more with draining way less battery life.

Which features or changes are you most looking forward to? If you're not planning to upgrade, why not? Let us know in the comments below!