There has been much animosity surrounding the iPhone 4S since its battery life flopped and it failed to come out with a sleek redesign. But according to a new survey, the majority of customers are overall satisfied with the new phone because of one feature: Siri.  

A ChangeWave Research survey recently carried out on 215 iPhone 4s users, showed that 77 percent were very satisfied and  only 19 percent were somewhat satisfied, with the new phone. The main cause of dissatisfaction cited on the survey was the phone's poor battery life.  

When the iPhone 4S was released in October many users complained about a battery drain that sucked up battery juice in a matter of hours, even when the phone was on standby. Many people flocked to Apple forums to find solutions, but even when they disabled some of the features, they were confronted with a full battery drain in a matter of hours.

Apple tried to solve what they defined as a battery bug  but even when users upgraded to the new IOS 5.1software fix they found the battery life was not up to scratch.

One feature of the iPhone 4S that has compensated for the battery issue is Siri, the personalized voice assistant. Forty-nine percent of the iPhone 4S owners put Siri at the top of their list as the iPhone 4S' best feature.

Siri answers most of your questions whether you need directions or are looking for a place to grab a slice of pizza. She can make phone calls; send messages, set reminders and more. On the downside though, she too uses up a great deal of battery life.

About 38 percent of survey participants listed battery issues as a complaint, but only six percent of them said it was a very big problem

Another leading problem that came out through the survey was the lack of 4G capacity on the iPhone. Around 30 percent of respondents stated 4G as an issue, although the AT&T version of the iPhone uses HSPA+ technology, which equates to 4G, according to Pcworld.

Last year, 72% of iPhone 4 owners reported they were very satisfied, while another 21% said they were somewhat happy with their smartphone.