After the passing away of Apple genius Steve Jobs, a lot of speculation about whether he worked on the iPhone 5 surfaced. Finally, one analyst seems to confirm that Jobs was in fact part of the project.

An analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, Ashok Kumar revealed in research notes that the iPhone 5 will surpass everyone's expectations because of Jobs' involvement up to his death. Besides a slimmer exterior and larger screen size, it is expected to have LTE, or what we call 4G capability.

Although we still don't know the extent to which Jobs was working on the new project, sources reported to CNET that he was actually more heavily involved with the iPhone 5 than 4S.

Again, the bumped up 4S released this month was virtually no different from the iPhone 4. Features and upgrades were things found in the iPad 2. As more information and specs are leaked, we at least know now that Jobs played a key role in the next generation of his iPhone.