iPhone 5 could get a huge boost of converted Android and Blackberry users if indeed it is launched next month per rumors all over the Web.

Now, the research is there to back up that claim. An advertising company called InMobi released the results of a monthly data research report and a custom iPhone-focused study, according to it's blog. Twenty seven percent of Android users said they were willing to switch unless the Oct. 4 event only yields an advanced iPhone 4. In that case, only 11 percent would be willing to switch.

Additionally, 41 percent of U.S. and Canadian mobile users said they would buy iPhone 5, making it the best iPhone debut yet, InMobi said. That would be a huge blow to Android sales and further cement Apple at the top of the mobile world. However, Nielsen reported Sept. 26 that Android's have been selling at twice the rate of iPhone. If InMobi's prediction is correct, that number could turn around in a heartbeat.

Even if the Let's Talk iPhone event only yields the iPhone 4S, many thousands of Android users could switch, and that's not insignificant either. All this info is based on InMobi's mobile poll of 1,000 U.S. and 1,000 UK mobile users in August.

Some reasons why all those Android users could be switching might be a bigger iPhone 5 screen, faster processor, more RAM, better cameras, voice recognition and possible 4G capability. It's true there are many different Android capable phones out there now, and some of them do have large screens and 4G for instance. But the most basic thing that people understand and in fact operate with these flashy gizmos is the operating system itself. If Android can't win with better handsets, then the system will have to duke it out with iOS. Which could also be seeing an upgrade on the iPhone 5.

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