No one can confidently say what iPhone 5 will feature until it is released, which is likely on Oct. 4. However, people are still keen on predicting anything about iPhone 5, especially the features it will carry.

Many suspect Apple's latest mobile OS - iOS 5 - will also roll out on the same day. Hence, the possibility of iPhone 5 being unveiled with iOS 5 pre-installed is not a remote possibility.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek speculated that iOS 5 will roll out at the Apple event. According to Apple, the software update for its iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices would release this fall, and definitely iPhone 5 definitely won't ship without it.

MSN News has sketched the application of iOS 5 on the next generation iPhone.

With your iPhone 5, you would just need to sign in once and you can forever check your account, for the iOS 5 will have complete integration with Twitter.

iOS 5 would also allow you to connect wirelessly to multiple devices, which means you can play a video on iPhone 5 on your TV without an HDMI cable. MSN News noted that you can just connect both devices using Wi-Fi and watch your videos with ease.

Meanwhile, Ted Landau presented one feature that will be absent from iOS 5 is a significantly improved interface for saving documents. Ted Landau is a Senior Contributor for Macworld, the author of several Mac and iPhone help books, and the founder of MacFixIt.

The other expected features of iPhone 5 also includes iCloud, iMessage, 4G capabilities, improved voice recognition technology, a faster processor, a more powerful RAM, a bigger storage capacity, a 4- or 4.5-inch touchscreen edge-to-edge display, an aluminum unibody and a curved glass screen.