iPhone 5 could see the adoption of iOS 5, Apple's latest operating system for mobile devices. iPad 2 has it, and because it's widely believed iPhone 5 will get a few of the same performance specs, it's a good bet it'll have iOS 5 as well. With iOS 5, there are updates to the iTunes and App store and also the Game Center and Maps app. Additionlly, there's new stuff you can do in settings and with the keyboard and Bluetooth functions. Apple also fixed some minor bugs like multiple downloads running simultaneously instead of back to back. iOS 5 has over 200 new features, so here are a few you might want to get familiar with if you're planning on getting iPhone 5. 

Notification Center- All email, text and friend request alerts are in one location now. You can get to the Notification Center form any where by swiping down from the top of the screen, and you can choose which notifications you want to see. Very cool.

iMessage- This is new messaging service just for iOS 5. It lets you send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G to anyone of your Apple devices. Its built into the Messages app and features group messaging along with the ability to send text, photos, video, location and contacts. One cool feature lets you start a conversation on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

Newsstand- iOS 5 can organize all magazine and newspaper app contents into one place. One cool function is the ability to access the App Store right from Newsstand, though its only to get to the magazine and newspaper apps. It really is like a newsstand because if you get a new app it automatically updates with the latest issues and covers.

Reminders- This list builder lets you organize things into to-do lists. Add due dates and take advantage of the location function to remind you to pick a particular item when you get to the store.

Twitter- After you sign into Settings on iOS 5, you can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube or Maps. The Contacts app will even apply people's Twitter handles and avatars. Start typing and iOS will finish add them for you. Locations can also be added to any tweet no matter what app you are in.

Camera- Now you can open the Camera app directly from the lock screen. It lets you pinch-to-zoom, use single-tap focus and use the volume up button to take picture at a moment's notice. The shots also then get pushed to all your other Apple devices.

Photos- iOS 5 lets you make several types of photo edits entirely within the Photos app and lets you create albums that are then available on all iOS devices.

Safari- Safari Reader gets rid of ads and dislplays Web pages in an uncluttered environment. A great change is the Reading Lists that lets you save things to read later and, of course, all your devices get updated from the cloud.

No More Synching- iOS 5 would let you activate and set up iPhone 5 wirelessly. There's free updates and more functionality without having to plug into a Mac or PC.

Mail- iOS 5 gives users more ease of use by allowing drag and drop for moving names around address fields. There's also more design choices for messages. Use the italic font, indent text, flag important messages and create folders anytime. They've also added serachable messages so you can find something in the body of a message. You even get your own email account.

Calender- For the Calender, iPhone users will be able to create an event and drag to adjust the times. The best part is you can view event attachments without leaving the Calender app. You can share calenders and it keeps your events on all devices on the same timeframe.