Apple is expected to launch a completely redesigned iPhone in Fall 2012, according to a new report.

Recent reports have indicated that the iPhone 5 could hit markets in the summer of 2012, but Boy Genius Report wrote on Tuesday that the new phone won't be available until the fall.

BGR reports that the new iPhone will have a built-in rubber or plastic case - similar to the material used in the company's bumper cases.

The material will connect the phone's aluminum backing to the front bezel for additional support. The report did not mention whether the next edition of the iPhone will have a larger screen, as has been speculated by others.

Apple released the iPhone 4S with the innovative Siri in October, but many quickly turned to guessing when the iPhone 5 might come out. One rumor that has gained steam is that the iPhone 5 s the last thing that Steve Jobs worked on before his death on Oct. 5th.

Sources close to Steve Jobs and Apple have consistently said that Steve Jobs was never really that involved with the iPhone 4S. Instead, he focused the last period of his life on the iPhone 5 that is rumored to be very different from the four generation of iPhone's that have already been released, The Apple Biter's Blog wrote in a post.

In addition to a built-in rubber case and larger screen; some have speculated that the new iPhone could have a new processing chip, have NFC capabilities, and have 4G LTE capabilities.

 One theory is that the date could be released on the one-year anniversary of Jobs' death, which would fall in line with BGR's report of Fall 2012.