Apple is putting its best foot forward by overhauling the software platform of the iPhone to offer incomparable user experience in its next generation iPhone 5. The spruced up iOS 5 will not just have bells and whistles but arguably a whole lot of new features that enthusiasts have been waiting for. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the possible hot features of the iOS 5.

First, it's reported that the new iOS 5 will make multitasking even more friendly on an iPhone. Analysts have said the new mobile operating system will offer genuine multitasking” for the first time.

iPhone 4 had seen vast improvements from the days when multitasking was virtually non-existent in an iPhone. There was a time when the iPhone would shut you out of mail when you wanted to open the browser. The user would be able to open the mail only after closing the browser and vice-versa. With iPhone 4 all those impediments had been cleared and a user could keep the mail running in the background while he got busy with their stuff.

If rumors are to be believed, the iOS 5 will make multitasking easier still. The latest version of the software platform of iPhone 5 will let third party apps run seamlessly in the background while the user is engaged in other tasks. By comparison, this facility would be a world apart from the iOS 4 which had essentially made switching apps faster.

Secondly, the iOS 5 will make it easier to upgrade an iPhone 4 with the latest software. 9to5 Mac had reported earlier Apple's new iOS would facilitate over-the-air updates. According to nextiphonenews, the anticipated version of iOS 5 will have 'backwards compatibility' a feature that helps it make different devices sync easily. This is great for people who are currently using the iPhone 4 and are not planning to buy iPhone 5.

There is also speculation that the upcoming iOS 5 will work for no-home button devices which will just make use of the gesture-based home trigger although this remains just a possibility, according to nextiphonenews.

Another feature could be enhanced wireless printing capabilities. Apple had announced AirPrint Wireless Printing for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in November last year. Rumors doing the rounds suggest that significant improvements on this feature can be expected in iOS 5. One guess is that the new version will facilitate printing wirelessly to any printer connected to any computer.

Other features the enthusiasts would expect on the new iOS include better notifications capabilities and enhanced widget capabilities.

In fact AppleInsider had reported that Apple has made patents filings for always-in-sync widgets. This feature if incorporated into iOS 5, will make it possible for users to view whole lots of customized widgets on their home screen. According to TechCrunch, a completely revamped notifications feature will be one of the biggest additions on the iOS 5.

And then, what about better speech-recognition features on the iOS 5? And a better lock screen than the one iOS 4 offered? Or bulk app purchase option? Keep your fingers crossed.