With Apple's special media event Let's talk iPhone at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. just hours away from kicking off, rumors are flying thick and fast about what we can expect to see in the technology giant's latest iteration of the world's singular most popular iPhone - iPhone 5.

Although there is no indication of a 5 in Apple's invitation, rumors are flying that Apple will certainly unveil an iPhone 5, while many Apple fans are hoping that the company will take the wraps off both iPhone 5 and a cheaper iPhone 4S.

What will Apple reveal today? iPhone 5? iPhone 4S? A bigger iPhone? A faster iPhone? A sleeker iPhone? Unfortunately Apple is pretty tight-lipped about the entire thing which has only led to whip up the excitement to a frenzy.

Start the slideshow to check out the top 10 features we'd like to see in Apple's newest baby.