Apple’s iPhone 5 will catch up big time with its myriad Android rivals -- this suggestion infuriates Apple fans, for they believe iPhone is THE device and Android tribe are imposters. But truth to say, many Android OS-based smartphones already sport an 8MP camera.

Hence the rumor mills effortlessly churn out one proof after the other for the next iPhone featuring an 8MP camera. At this point an 8MP camera on the iPhne 5 looks like a foregone conclusion.

Now, a CNET report appears to be more forward-looking than others. The report says iPhone 5 will have an improved flash unit for its camera. Citing industry sources, the report says Apple has reduced orders for iPhone 4's current LED flash.

This has spawned the theory that iPhone 5 will have better camera flash. This theory is supported by the leakage of images last month which suggested the camera sensor and flash unit would be separated. Moving the flash further from the lens as well as updating its design could improve photo quality, albeit marginally, according to CNET.

It was reported earlier that iPhone 5 will have panoramic photo capabilities and 1080p Full HD videos. An iOs code section revealed that the next iPhone will let users take panoramic photos with the photo app.